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Service Hours

Click here for the 2023-2024 Service Hours Guidelines


At St. John School, we are a community - a community of students, teachers, and parents.  As a community, we encourage as well as require parent involvement. We believe that parents who are involved understand our mission and want to be active members of our school community. While we encourage families to be involved in any way that they can, we do require each family at St. John School to accomplish 20 Service Hours every school year.  The only exception is preschool half-day students, who have a requirement of 10 Service Hours.


St. John School depends upon fundraisers to supplement operating budget. Upon enrollment, each family must provide a $250.00 refundable deposit per family. This exact amount will be refunded to the family when their last child has graduated from the school or in the event the family leaves the school if all work credit hours are completed for that year and if all tuition and incidentals are paid in full.


This Service Hours Program is managed by a parent volunteer who liaisons with the various Chairpersons and Principal to accurately track your service and fundraising hours. Additionally, the donation of items for different events or financial donations are all ways to earn fundraising hours.


The Service Hours Coordinator will issue a status update to each family in February of each year to enable families to monitor their progress towards the goal of 20 hours. Failure to complete the 20 hours by the end of the school year will result in a prorated $750.00 penalty charge, which will be charged through the FACTS incidental billing system. 


Each family's circumstances are different, and they may change from year to year depending on work schedules, caring for children at home, etc.  The Principal and Service Hours Coordinator are available to help you find creative ways to fulfill your service and fundraising hours. 

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