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St. John Early Childhood

"We fell in love with St. John School for the warmth and energy of the early education teachers. They create classroom environments that are bright and cheerful. We knew our child would be sincerely cared for and safe. We also appreciate the values the children are taught and the interaction the younger students have with the older grades. The school is teaching a culture of caring and nurturing."

-Current Parent

St. John School offers a preschool and prekindergarten classroom.  Both classrooms have a lead teacher and a full time assistant teacher.

  • Our curriculum is based on the belief that young children learn through play, so they will have time to explore and learn about their environment.

  • Our classrooms are designed to create an engaging atmosphere that supports young children’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development.

  • Our teachers observe each child’s activities in order to tailor and expand the curriculum to meet individual needs and interests, promoting the development of social skills, self-control, and problem solving.

  • Our students receive a full range of specials, including music, art, library, and physical education.

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