St. John School

Parent Group

The Saint John School Parent Group (SJS Parent Group) is comprised of all the families of the school along with Rev. Thomas Rafferty (pastor) and Dr. Chris Flieger (principal). SJS Parent Group has two main goals: (1) assisting with the financial and academic success of the school through fundraising (2) coordinating social events for parents. This includes coordinating the dozens of volunteers who generously volunteer their time to school fundraising activities as well as planning exciting social events. We welcome each and every family to share ideas and be a part of your child’s education through volunteering at our events and attending our meeting and socials. Everyone is a member of the SJS Parent Group!

2019-2020 Board

Rev. Thomas Rafferty


Chris Flieger



Past President

Jen Millington

Vice President


Debbie Gallagher


Kerri Burke 

Room Parent Coordinator

Melissa Nasrah

Work Credit Coordinator

Sarah Palmer

Faculty Representative