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St. John School Advisory Board

The purpose of the St. John School Advisory Board is to advise the Principal and Pastor in matters related to the operation of St. John School and to promote implementation of school policies. The Advisory Board provides counsel and advice on matters of development, facilities, finance, marketing, policy, public relations, student life, and technology.  This includes planning for the future.

Members of the St. John School Advisory Board will consist of the Pastor, Principal, and at least eight members at large.


As part of the Advisory Board, there are four subcommittees committees designed to drive forth the school's strategic initiatives. These committees are Mission Ministry, Facilities and Resources, Student Life, and Marketing and Enrollment. Additional ad-hoc committees, such as Technology, may be formed as necessitated.  These committees are chaired by an Advisory Board member and are comprised of School Advisory Board members along with St. John parents, teachers, and parish and community members (initially from the Vision 2020).

The Advisory Board meets quarterly (fall, winter, spring, and summer) while subcommittees meet as needed.

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